Bentley Bentayga EWB Extended Wheel Base Premiere: super long, super luxury, also for us

Bentley Bentayga EWB Extended Wheel Base Premiere
Super long, super luxury, also for us

Bentley has unveiled the stretch Bentayga EWB. He brings space in the second row like in the ballroom. There are also new luxury features.

German Bentley fans must now be very brave. Even if the current Bentayga with its 5.14 meter exterior length seems dramatically undersized and now with the significantly longer one Bentley Bentayga Extended Wheel Base (EWB) a way out of this dilemma is finally in sight, Central Europeans have to wait until September. The type approval is still pending, but from September 2022 we will also have the large version of the large Bentayga.

In other areas, the legroom associated with a stretched wheelbase means that as a customer with sufficient financial resources, you can let yourself be driven instead of grabbing the steering wheel yourself. In China, for example, but also the Arabian Peninsula will certainly be a preferred destination for the noble brummer from Crewe. After that is clarified, we can start researching the new super long luxury SUV together.

18 centimeters more wheelbase

Bentley extends the wheelbase of the EWB by exactly 180 from 2,995 to 3,175 millimeters. These 18 additional centimeters are inserted completely behind the B-pillar in the body and consequently only benefit the rear passengers; the car as a whole has grown to a length of 5,322 millimeters. Bentley talks about offering the most space of any competitor in the second row, which we’ll just leave as a statement.


The length surcharge goes fully to the rear passengers.

In view of the space gained, Bentley has developed a new seating technology that can best be compared to the first-class seats on airplanes. However, something cunning, including (a world first, says Bentley) with automatic climate control. Accordingly, Bentley also calls the furniture “Airline Seats” and promises “extraordinary travel experiences”. In “relax mode” the seat tilts by up to 40 degrees; the front passenger seat is automatically pushed forward and a footrest moves out from under the passenger seat. The whole thing is controlled either via a touchscreen remote control or switches in the front seat backrest and on the side of the individual seats.

World first: automatic climate control for the seat

In business mode, the seat automatically moves to a particularly upright position to enable the important passenger to work comfortably on a laptop and tablet. The seat’s automatic air conditioning measures the passenger’s body temperature and humidity and automatically adjusts heating, cooling or both together for the respective seating zones. At the same time, sensors measure the pressure load and can massage the passenger with a total of 177 different adjustments in six seat zones.

Of the Bentayga According to Bentley, EWB should enable an unprecedented level of customization. The Bentley specialists have calculated that the interior can be decorated in up to 24 billion variants in terms of different combinations of equipment details. That promises long hours in front of the configurator.

Rear doors close electrically

The long version also has some innovations compared to the standard Bentyaga. These include the special interior door panels with selective backlighting in a diamond pattern and heated armrests in the doors and between the seats. A general Bentley novelty are the optionally available electrically operated doors in the rear. They close at the push of a button if the chauffeur is not available to board the vehicle in a proper manner.

It differs visually Bentley Bentayga EWB in addition to the stretched body and the correspondingly differently positioned panoramic roof with a custom grille in the style of the Flying Spur and new, mirror-polished 22-inch wheels.

Bentley Bentayga EWB Extended Wheelbase 2022


Blinker glitter: New wheels for the long Bentayga.

In view of the wheelbase extension, the Bentayga EWB gets all-wheel steering installed as standard, with which the rear wheels can turn at an angle of up to seven degrees. Bentley promises a tighter turning circle than the standard-wheelbase Bentayga. Also on board as standard is the Bentley Dynamic Ride system.

V8 Twinscroll-Turbo mit 550 PS

The four-liter V8 petrol engine is used as the drive, which the Bentley copywriters very seriously attest to an “impressive fuel efficiency”, which, however, should not be one of the primary reasons for future customers to buy the car anyway. Bentley politely refrains from providing exact figures, but reveals the power (550 hp) and torque (770 Nm) of the twin-scroll turbocharged eight-cylinder. That’s enough for 290 km/h on a free autobahn and a sprint time of 4.6 seconds from zero to 100 km/h.

With the Bentayga EWB, Bentley not only has big plans in terms of dimensions, the model should also score well in terms of sales. The long version is expected to account for around 45 percent of future sales. Two extended equipment ranges (Azure and First Edition) will be available at the market launch. There are no prices yet.

opinion poll

2019-09-18 – Bentley Bentayga Stetson Edition: British SUV for urban cowboys“,”answerRight”:”No. After all, it is this engine that makes Bentley so fascinating.”,”articleRight”:”2019-06-11 – Bentley Flying Spur (2019): Almost all that has remained is the name“,”pollType”:”image”,”title”:”No more W12 in the Bentayga – the right step?”},”apiImpression”:” “}” class=”v-A_-article__opinion v-A_-article__opinion–barometer”>

Yes. This engine just doesn’t fit in with the times anymore.

no After all, this engine is what makes Bentley so fascinating.


Almost half of all Bentley Bentayga will in future be sold with a long wheelbase, which the British have just presented with the Bentayga EWB. The noble SUV, which has grown to a length of 5.32 meters, impresses in the second row with automatically air-conditioned first-class seats and even more luxury features than before. Deliveries in Europe will start in September 2022.

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