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Barley grain: How do you get rid of the nasty inflammation in the eye? – FIT FOR FUN

The eye is a particularly sensitive organ, so a stye is not only unpleasant, but should also be handled with care. But what exactly is this nasty eye condition?

What is a stye and how is it formed?

The stye – or hordeolum – is a mostly purulent inflammation of the eyelid, whereby a distinction is made between two forms:

  • When it forms on the inside of the lid, it is called the hordeolum internum, when it occurs on the edge of the lid and in the area of ​​the eyelashes, it is called the hordeolum externum.
  • The cause is always bacteria, mostly typical skin germs such as Staphylococcus aureus: they cause the sebaceous and sweat glands in the eyelid to become inflamed, especially in the case of a weakened immune system.
  • But dirt can also get germs into the eyes, resulting in a stye.
  • Children or adults who do not take hand washing so seriously are therefore often affected.

Symptoms of a stye

A stye can usually not be overlooked: the affected eyelid swells up quickly and it looks as if a lump or grain is hiding underneath – hence the name. The eyelid also reddens and begins to hurt, while the pus in the abscess causes an uncomfortable feeling of tension. The conjunctiva of the eye is usually also affected and is also swollen and reddened, and fever can also occur.

That’s how you get rid of a barleycorn

A stye usually bursts open on its own after a while, allowing the accumulated pus to escape and the inflammation to recede. The whole thing then heals without any problems, which is why a hordeolum, as it is called by doctors, is generally classified as harmless and does not require any special treatment. In individual cases, however, the inflammation can spread to the rest of the eye, and drops or ointments containing antibiotics can help here.

It is very easy to prevent a stye: keep your hands away from your eyes – and if so, just rub them with clean hands!

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