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Asparagus controls blood sugar and insulin

In spring, put asparagus on the table: few calories and many properties make these spring vegetables ideal foods to nourish you in health. Thanks to the potassium they contain, asparagus is useful in promoting proper regulation of blood pressure and proper functioning of muscles. They are also valid allies in the prevention of cardiovascular and nervous system diseases.

100 grams of asparagus have only 29 calories: they are rich in water, carbohydrates, and fiber and contain iron , vitamin A and vitamins c. Find out all about asparagus.

According to a 2012 research conducted by the University of Karachi, Pakistan, consuming asparagus regularly would help fight type 2 diabetes mellitus. We asked Luca Piretta, a nutritionist from Melarossa to explain the relationship between asparagus and diabetes.

Asparagus is good for diabetes sufferers: a study proves it

It is important to note that this study refers to some experiments carried out on rats and the corresponding evidence on humans is lacking. In any case, the study highlights how the use of asparagus favors the secretion of insulin by the pancreas. It improves the activity of the beta cells of the pancreas that produce it, and therefore allows us to identify the possibility of future help in the dietary therapy of this pathology. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to establish the quantity and method of consumption of asparagus in humans to obtain benefits.


Asparagus is good for you: better cooked or raw?

With the boiling asparagus does not lose one of the most important components of its nutritional value, that is to say the intake of proteins and amino acids which are the highest among vegetables, after legumes. Unfortunately, however, part of the B vitamins is lost. Furthermore, steam cooking allows the supply of mineral salts and in particular  iron to be kept almost unchanged .

Asparagus is good for you: better fresh or frozen?

In autumn and winter, asparagus is not a seasonal vegetable. Do frozen products keep the same properties and are they as effective as fresh?

Although fresh vegetables offer the possibility of a greater supply of vitamins and antioxidants, deep freezing, rather than freezing , allows the nutritional properties of asparagus to be kept almost unchanged, as long as the product is fresh and in excellent condition at the time of freezing.

Foods that help keep sugar levels under control

Nutrigenomics  is the science that studies how food can affect the response of our genes. The studies   have made it possible to understand how some foods are able to intervene to improve cellular functioning and in particular. For the diabetes topic ,   they can stimulate some enzymes that are important in regulating blood sugar .

In particular, the soluble fiber  present in artichoke, chicory, garlic, onion, apples and oranges, can act as a very useful substance in diabetes. Insoluble fiber can also help as it binds a portion of sugars making them less absorbable.

Foods with a low glycemic index such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, fish and chicken are helpful in preventing diabetes. According to recent studies, soy germ pasta in particular appears to play a very important role in the prevention of diabetes . Finally, some studies on dairy products , in particular goat cheeses or cheeses from mountain pasture ruminants (fontina, asiago), seem to be very useful in improving blood sugar thanks to the high content of so-called conjugated fatty acids. The latter are still preliminary data on humans also because we must be cautious given their high caloric value .

A menu suitable for diabetics suggested by Dr. Piretta


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