Arisa wears the jacket like a suit: before Inter-Juventus she sings in total red

The singer Arisa was chosen to sing Mameli’s anthem at the Italian Cup final: the color of the dress is a ‘diplomatic’ and trendy choice!

What is he doing Arisa in the stands of the Olympic Stadium, before the final of the Italian Cup? The singer is experiencing a golden moment: after Dancing with the Stars e The Masked Singer she was chosen to sing the national anthem for the Coppa Italia final, before the kick-off for Inter Juventus. The images of the exhibition were shared on Instagram by Vito Coppolaalways at her side, and show her scratchy in a fiery red blazer-dress.

Arisa’s total red look

A note from the Serie A League had announced the performance of Arisa: the singer sang the hymn of Mameli from the stands, accompanied by the band of the Carabinieri, to the delight of the fans present. For the exhibition she chose an outfit that was vibrant with energy, like her voice: a fiery red total look with stiletto heel sandals and a ton-sur-ton lipstick. Arisa performed wearing a structured red dress like a double-breasted jacket, leaving her legs in the foreground. The choice of her color is very ‘smart’: not only does it enhance her complexion, but it does not reflect the colors of either of the two opposing teams!

Arisa all’Olimpico in total red

Arisa all’Olimpico in total red

Arisa with wet-look hair

To complete the look, the singer wore a pair of black sandals with straps and stiletto heels and matched the lipstick to the nuance of the dress. The touch of style? The long raven hair was combed back for a wet look with natural waves, the perfect idea to copy this summer.

Arisa at the Olympic stadium

Arisa at the Olympic stadium

After the exhibition, Arisa changed her dress, showing off a more casual and comfortable total black look. Vito Coppola, now her inseparable companion, shared some images of the exhibition and then some sweet backstage shots, where Arisa is smiling and excited. The two have never made the relationship official but they are certainly inseparable: will they leave together for the holidays?

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