Apple could upgrade the original AirPods Pro with a key new feature

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While the earbuds are in your ear, the AirPods Pro’s default transparency mode makes an effort to faithfully replicate outside noises. When the adaptive option is turned on, this still occurs, but really loud noises (85 dB and higher) are reduced in volume.

AirPods Pro Older hardware

The new AirPods Pro have an upgraded H2 chip which enables adaptive transparency mode. It’s not clear yet how the H1 chip in the original AirPods Pro will manage this feature. It’s possible that Apple has updated and streamlined the relevant algorithms to suit the H1 chip, or it’s also possible that the feature won’t work quite as well on the first-gen earbuds compared to the second-gen earbuds.

It seems that the adaptive transparency feature works well on the original AirPods Pro, but no one has done a detailed comparison with the 2022 version yet. Note that you also need the beta firmware for the AirPods Pro installed, as well as the iOS beta, for the feature to appear.

Analysis: more value for older devices

It’s clean why tech agencies do not rush out new capabilities for older hardware: the inner additives won’t be effective sufficient to address the progressed functionality, and it offers purchasers fewer motives to improve to a brand new tool too.

However, we would want to see extra of what Apple has (apparently) performed here. Where the hardware allows, giving proprietors of older gadgets get right of entry to to more moderen capabilities could upload a number of greater price to merchandise – and it’d do loads for the recognition of a logo as well.

To be truthful to Apple, it is one of the fine there may be in relation to pushing out new software program for its current gadgets. iOS sixteen works on each iPhone all of the manner again to the iPhone X and the iPhone eight from 2017, despite the fact that a number of the capabilities are not enabled on older gadgets.


Manufacturers are eager to sell their green credentials, and that is every other manner of prolonging the lifestyles of merchandise and slowing down the improve cycle – despite the fact that there isn’t always pretty as a lot earnings made alongside the manner.

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