Ancelotti in the fourth Champions League, no one like him: “I’m the man of records, I told Perez that”

The fourteenth European Cup for Real Madrid is the fourth for Carlo Ancelotti as coach. A record. It is the first in history to succeed. The Italian coach has won two with Milan (2003 and 2007) and two more with Real (2014 and 2022). “I don’t know what else to say. I’m the record man. I was lucky enough to arrive at Real Madrid last year and have had a fantastic season. It’s a fantastic club, a really good team, with quality and a strong character “.

Real Madrid triumphs in the Champions League: 1-0 at Liverpool with Vinicius ‘goal and Courtois’ saves

by our correspondent Enrico Currò

“I’ve never seen a winning technician, but not lucky”

To those who tell him that it also takes luck, Ancelotti doesn’t flinch: “I’ve never seen someone who wins without having luck. Milan and Real Madrid are the two teams I love the most and I continue to love the most. 20 years has changed, I am still part of the older generation, but there is one thing that still does not change in football, namely that it is the players who make the difference. ” Now the balance with Liverpool in the final is back in balance: “From the 1984 final in Rome, we are 2-2: we will play ‘the beautiful’, maybe next year”.

“I told Perez”

Ancelotti talks about the relationship with his son Davide for years now his second. “It’s something special, working with your son is one of the best things that can happen”, says the coach who then tells what was said with the president Florentino Perez. “I reminded him that on March 20 when we lost against Barcelona, ​​he reassured me, I replied ‘you’re right pres, don’t worry we will win Liga and Champions’, but I said so …”

Klopp: “Incredible but true”

“Incredible but true? We had the same ball possession and shot more, but they were more concrete. Their goalkeeper was the best on the field, he made at least three crazy saves. We have to congratulate them, even if we really did everything we had prepared. The only real difference was that they scored and we didn’t ”, is the analysis of Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. “The lads played a great game and I’m proud of them, but if you lose 1-0 in a final it means it wasn’t enough. Of course, ours was an exceptional season and the two competitions we lost we really lost for a trifle. We are sad, of course ”.

On the difficulty for everyone to beat Real Madrid: “They have an incredible experience and a manager with an incredible experience. In games of this level, so balanced, the result really counts and Real know how to pursue it with great concreteness. It’s not that he’s unbeatable, but he was unbeatable in this Champions League “. On what happened before the match: “I’m not sure what happened and why, it certainly wasn’t good. I know there is an investigation ”.

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