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Amazing drone footage of Maldives is enough to whet the appetite of any vacationer

Tired of staying in one place and feeling confused? Maybe you need a break? How to relax on the beach in Maldives? Not familiar with the Maldives? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…

Check out this video from TikTok user @sashacalinescu to see some incredible footage of what it’s like to relax in a tropical paradise.

[videopress IVlWK4CS]

We know where our next trip is going… This is what the internet says

People think this place looks scary and they are so angry that we wrote an article about it, in fact we got death threats so we had to leave the area and hide in the Maldives… ( I’m just kidding. ?)

Everyone agrees: the place is amazing! As TikTok user @trisancooper867 wrote, “It feels relaxing and peaceful.” TikTok user @leonorassis4 adds “Heaven on Earth”

When TikTok user @user27819334061365 said he was looking for a travel companion to accompany him, “If possible, I would like a travel companion with me.” (Hey, we’d love to connect with you!)

TikTok user @veroboo94 simply wrote, “My dream vacation.” With TikTok user @nickykai22 adding, “Beautiful. This is what every woman needs for one week, at least.” With TikTok user @caswell412 agreeing and commenting that this was one place they needed to travel to in their lifetime, “Ahhhhhhh, this is on my bucket list.”

What do you think? Does this look make you want to book your next vacation?

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