AirTags from Apple: 7 cool ideas for the tracker

Apple’s new Bluetooth trackers help keep track of things that matter, whether they’re nearby or far away. We show you seven practical ideas for what you can do with AirTags – including a few surprising ones.

By Claudia Frickel

What are Apple AirTags and how do they work?

Die Apple AirTags are small, round radio transmitters that you connect to your iPhone. Then you attach them to all sorts of objects and can track them. In this way you can find what you have misplaced or lost, for example keys or wallet.

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With a diameter of 31.9 millimeters, the trackers are about the size of a 2-euro coin – but thicker at 8 millimeters in height. A Bluetooth module and an NFC antenna transmit in the AirTag, which weighs just 11 grams. The water-repellent transmitter gets its energy from a battery that should last for one year.

If you want to track something down, open the “Where is?” app on your iPhone or iPad. You must be working with iOS or iPadOS 14.5. If the object and AirTag are nearby, you will see this on the screen. If desired, the tracker also emits a sound so that you can find it more easily. iPhones from version 11 even lead you directly with directions and arrows.

The Bluetooth range is only up to 120 meters. Nevertheless, you can also use AirTags, for example to locate the backpack you forgot on the train – or the camera in the holiday hotel. Apple harnesses hundreds of millions of other iPhones and iPads for tracking via the Find My network. They recognize the AirTags automatically and transmit the encrypted location. You will then find out where the item you are looking for is located. This is anonymous and without anyone being able to draw conclusions about people or the location.

An Apple AirTag costs 35 euros. If you want to attach it, you need a trailer as an accessory. But what else can you do with the radio transmitters? We’ll tell you.

Find everyday objects quickly


The AirTags are particularly suitable for everyday things such as keys.

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Remote control, glasses, keys, wallet: we feel like we are constantly looking for some things. Where’s the charger or the admission ticket for the company? If you attach an AirTag to it, you have things quickly at hand. This also works with larger things such as laptop and handbags or backpacks.

Don’t look far for emergency medicine


The AirTag can also be used for important medication.

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When it matters most, you want emergency equipment to hand quickly. This includes the first-aid kit, the fire extinguisher, EpiPens for allergy sufferers or important medicines for seriously ill people. Of course, you should always know where these things are. But maybe someone in the household misplaced it, or you can’t remember in all the excitement. An AirTag can take you straight there.

Find your bike or car

Apple CarKey

Find the car quickly? No problem with the AirTag.

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The Apple AirTags are not intended as anti-theft devices. Nevertheless, you can use them for this. Attach them to your bike or car – preferably in such a way that they are not immediately visible. This is also useful if you have parked your bike and vehicle somewhere and cannot remember exactly where it was. However, the trackers depend on someone with an Apple device being nearby. You therefore do not see the location in real time.

Track baggage


The AirTag also provides valuable services for luggage.

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After the flight you are tired, your luggage is delayed and the other passengers are jostling for the baggage carousel. If you have attached an AirTag to the travel bag, you can comfortably retreat to a bench at the edge. When the bag finally appears on the tape, you see it on the iPhone display. The mobile phone then conveniently shows you the way to your luggage. This way you will quickly notice if someone else has accidentally taken your case off the assembly line.

To hide something


How about a game of hide and seek? You can also use AirTags for this.

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At first glance it sounds absurd: you can also hide something in the apartment with the Apple AirTags so that you can find it again later. It may have happened to you that you hid foreign banknotes or credit cards so well that you can no longer remember. Was it between the towels, behind the books, or in the tool box? With the AirTags you simply get them out again. Make sure, however, that you are regularly nearby with your iPhone: If the trackers have not been in contact with your device for three days, they will emit tones.

keep track of animals

PitPat Dog Tracker

You can also track four-legged friends using an AirTag.

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Your cat sometimes runs away and hides under a bush in the garden? Or does your dog tear itself away when you go for a walk and roam around the houses? With an AirTag from Apple, you quickly tracked down the animals. However, this only works if you are not too far away – or if other iPhone owners are nearby. Another alternative is a GPS tracker, but it costs more.

Exchange secret messages


Thanks to lost mode, you can also exchange secret messages.

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It sounds like an idea from a spy thriller, but it can be hilarious fun with friends: you can use the AirTags to play – and leave messages for someone. To do this, you convert the “Lost” mode of the trackers.

It’s supposed to help you if you can’t find an object and the Apple AirTag attached to it. You can then set the app to be “lost”. If someone finds the tracker and holds their phone to it, a website with information will open. You can leave your phone number and a message so the finder can get in touch with you. Android smartphones can also read the information if they use NFC.

You can make a game out of it: Put the AirTag in “Lost” mode and write a message. The friend who knows where the tracker is holds their phone to it – and deciphers the hidden message.

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  • Apple’s AirTags are small trackers that you can use to track down things you can’t find.
  • These can be everyday objects such as keys, wallets and backpacks.
  • The radio transmitters also show you the way to important medicine, to your pet that has run away, or to the suitcase on the baggage carousel.
  • Rather playfully, you use the AirTags to exchange messages with friends.

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