“Against Sassuolo it felt like playing at home. France? My goal was to win the title with Milan.”

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Interviewed in ‘L’Equipe’ after winning the Scudetto, Olivier Giroud talked about winning another trophy. These are his words:

On the Scudetto: “They reflected the expectations of the clubs and the fans. Everything was exceptional since the end of the match against Sassuolo! There were over 18,000 Rossoneri fans. We played at home. The Milan fans have been waiting for this trophy for eleven years”.

On the celebrations: “We had a big party in the locker room. We all smoked cigars, but only Ibra went out with a cigar during the award ceremony. Only he could do it. He was happy as for his first title, he could see it. He also had a speech for everyone in the locker room first and in the bus that he brought us back to Milan later. We had a party with 30 thousand fans at Casa Milan. The next day we parked on the double-decker bus for four hours, until we reached the Duomo in front of tens of thousands of people. Berlusconi was also there. Many fans had tears in their eyes ”.

On the duel with Inter: “The ending with Inter was incredible. We played a final every weekend for weeks. We were in total apnea! How much challenge magnifies this title even more. We leave Inter behind, our rivals “.

On own season: “I wanted to finish well, especially as I was coming from a period in which I had scored less. This title is the success of a group that has never given up and has been united, we have always been united! From Leao, crowned best player of the season, to Mike in goal, passing through Sandro, Pierre, who had an excellent second half of the season. Theo was also phenomenal on the left. This title has a nice French accent ”.

On the start of the season: “I had a hard time in the early autumn with Covid, then I had back pain. But I gritted my teeth. I was decisive in key matches such as with the brace in the derby, with the goal in Naples or the goal against Lazio. The season ended with this brace against Sassuolo. I finish with fourteen goals of the season and four assists ”.

His Ibra: “This title and my season confirm my choice. I gradually took away Ibra’s place to fix mine. In the head of the coach I have never been a substitute for Zlatan; rotation was always balanced when both of us were available. Ibra finished with eight league goals and still plays at the age of 40. And I, at 35; I have shown that I can play more ”.

On the scudetto with Montpellier: “With Montpellier it was the club’s first Scudetto and completely unexpected. Milan’s 19th Scudetto here, an entire generation was waiting to see it. The city was delirious.”

On Pioli: “He is the first person I spoke to upon my arrival. She convinced me in two minutes. It was a beautiful meeting. He is the creator of this title, he put a lot of energy into it. He reminds me a little of Rene Girard for the determination he puts into it, he trains with the heart “

If the failure to call up with France bothered him: “Not at all, it didn’t bother me. I had only one goal: to aim for the title with Milan. I take everything with detachment and serenity. There is some disappointment, but no bitterness. I know I still have great things to do, first with Milan, then with France if I come back. “

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