5 recommendations for balconies and dining tables

The barbecue season has started – but you don’t have a garden and parks aren’t an option either? Thanks to electric grills, you don’t have to do without freshly fried food. Simply place the grill on the balcony or in the kitchen. We have five electric grills up our sleeve that you can use to prepare delicious steaks and more.

By Margarete Hayduk

Space-saving, easy to use and without a lot of cleaning: For electric grills you don’t have to get gas bottles, charcoal or grill lighters – a socket is enough. In addition, electric grills are often cheaper than their fiery counterparts. Another plus: They are ready to use within minutes and you can enjoy grilled meat and vegetables without any flames. Admittedly, you have to do without the typical smoky aroma that a charcoal grill provides with electric grills. But there are alternatives for this too: for example, special incense sticks.


Since they do not smoke, electric grills are particularly suitable for use on the balcony or terrace. Before you fire up the electric grill, be sure to take a look at the rental agreement or the house rules. Are barbecuing allowed in your house at all? If not, the electric grill is not an option either.

Severin PG: The compact one

The little electric grill Severin PG is a good model for minimalists. On the compact grill surface (230 x 255 mm) you can grill your steak crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. This is made possible by two separate power levels with innovative double heating technology and a reflector bowl: one for grilling up to 500 degrees and one for redoing. Best of all: After the feast, the grate and bowl of the table grill simply go into the dishwasher.

Hard Facts:

  • Maximum power: 2,300 watts
  • Weight: 2,800 grams

Severin Electric Grill
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Tefal OptiGrill Elite: The intelligent one

Of the OptiGrill Elite from Tefal is an electric contact grill, so it cooks from below and from above at the same time (grill area: 200 x 300 mm). This keeps the heat inside and works energy-efficiently. Another advantage: because the food is cooked from above and below, lower temperatures are often sufficient. The Tefal model is therefore a good electric grill for fish, vegetables and other food that needs to be cooked gently. In addition, the intelligent grill takes into account the thickness and quantity of the food to be grilled and adjusts the cooking time and temperature accordingly. Twelve automatic grill programs promise the optimal preparation of steaks, burgers or paninis – without any supervision.

Hard Facts:

  • Maximum power: 2,000 watts
  • Weight: 6,000 grams

Tefal OptiGrill Elite
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Cloer Barbecue Grill: The Elegant

It comes pretty smart Table grill by Cloer therefore. With a grill area of ​​430 x 305 mm, it is still one of the small electric grills and also convinces with its “inner” values. With the infinitely variable temperature control, you can prepare your grilled food as you wish. With this electric grill, the heating element is integrated into the grill plate. The grill surface heats up even faster and the device works particularly energy-efficiently. The surface has a non-stick coating so that nothing sticks. Grease drip tray and splash guard are included.

Hard Facts:

  • Maximum power: 2,000 watts
  • Weight: 4,260 grams

Cloer Barbecue-Grill
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Clatronic BQS: The organized one

Who does not know that? When grilling, you quickly have your hands full: some want fish, others vegetables and the delicious halloumi has to be wrapped in aluminum foil. Especially when grilling outdoors, there is quickly a lack of storage space. The offers a clever solution Clatronic barbecue grill with a clipboard. The temperature of the grill can be adjusted using an infinitely variable thermostat. The electric grill also has a windscreen. The grill surface (355 x 245 mm) is chrome-plated and removable. A cool-touch case protects against burns. And if the weather doesn’t play along, the Clatronic BQS can also be used as a table grill.

Hard Facts:

  • Maximum power: 2,000 watts
  • Weight: 3,100 grams

Clatronic BQS
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George Foreman 22460-56: The Extra Large

Inside, outside – or rather at the table? If you don’t want to commit yourself, you have to do it with the Universalgrill von George Foreman neither. The handy table grill can be easily transformed into a standing grill with the included foot. It doesn’t matter where you swing the grill tongs – on the extra-large grill surface (diameter 445 mm) there is room for many delicacies.

You can choose between five different temperature settings so that the food to be grilled reaches the perfect degree of doneness. Particularly practical: the external thermometer constantly displays the temperature while grilling. Thanks to the clever design of the angled grill plate, fat and oil can drain off particularly well. The non-stick coated plate with click system can be easily removed, as can the drip tray.

Hard Facts:

  • Maximum power: 2,400 watts
  • Weight: 6,500 grams

George Foreman Elektrogrill
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Don’t have the right grill?

Didn’t find a suitable grill for you in our recommendations? SATURN offers a large selection of other electric grillsamong which you will definitely find the right model for you.


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