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21 Surprising Fruits and Vegetables That Appear to Be Alive

Nature is incredibly inventive! Every now and then, it pleasantly surprises us by creating fruits or vegetables with peculiar shapes. These remarkable creations resemble various things such as animals, body parts, or even human faces conveying various emotions.

24 News put together a collection of unique natural gifts that appear to be animated.

1. Wow, these milkweed pods resemble an entire flock of parrots!


2. This strawberry resembles a young elephant.

3. Is that a swan or a pumpkin?

4. They’re as identical as twins!

5. Has science pushed the boundaries too much?

6. Hey, quiet down, this broccoli is giving you a message.

7. Wicked little cherry tomato.

8. Wow, this pepper looks absolutely scared!

9. Is this radish attempting to charm someone?

10. 10. How adorable is this potato-shaped teddy bear!

11. Wow, they make such a cute pair!

This vegetable appears to be experiencing a combination of fear and excitement!

13. Dragon made of pumpkins

14. This Buddha’s hand fruit seems to be attempting to dance away its difficulties.

15. Do you think these peaches are engaging in a romantic activity?

16. Sweet and delightful, behold the butterfly strawberry.

17. Wow, this carrot seems to stretch out endlessly!

18. A bewildered apple.

A Smile a Day

19. Look at this peanut—it resembles a duck!

20. Hey, carrot! Let’s rock it!

21. Look at this tomato, it believes it’s a baby duck!

Let us know in the comments below which one you found most impressive. Have you ever come across any strange-looking fruits or vegetables in your garden?

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