19 trophies, 2 Champions League finals and thousands of whistles: Agnelli’s parable. The silences of the president, the disappointment of the customers. The reconstruction has started: the names in the pipeline and that modified project …

I was reading Andrea Agnelli’s 12-year management data: impressive score. 9 scudetti (in a row) 5 Italian Cups, 5 Super Cups, two Champion’s finals. More trophies than years of presidency. Yet, despite this, for the evening that celebrated Chiellini’s farewell to football and that of Dybala from Juventus, Agnelli was overwhelmed by whistles. It has been written that they came from the “Scirea” curve which for some time (and for various reasons) has had difficult relations with the presidency. But to be honest, the boos came from various areas of the stadium. for a matter of “banners”, tickets and the like is trivial. To risk that the hisses have arrived due to the non-renewal of Dybala (excited and crying) is superficial. Andrea Agnelli is not a beloved president and does not shine for sympathy. like Jane Austen who in her “Letters” confessed: “I don’t want people to like me. Not being nice saves me the trouble of loving them.”

Agnelli has renewed Juventus, changing the logo, relying on the most incredible creative whims in terms of shirts. Today the first Juventus kit is no longer black and white: it is a white-gray jumble that I avoid commenting. I am too old to digest certain revolutions. Too many wrinkles to accept that the Juventus president exudes “affection” for Inter. Andrea Agnelli is president by profession. He cannot delegate. It is up to the president to give an account to the fans. Who are Juve’s clients: without the “clients” Juve (like any other club in the world) would not exist. And therefore for every stumbling block (economic, judicial, sporting) the Juventus president cannot shut himself up in an ivory tower and speak only twice a year at the shareholders’ meeting or perhaps (sending the listener’s lunch sideways) to the event of a newspaper.


I find the whistles of the Allianz ungenerous and unjust. But I also believe that that dissent has different reasons than those hypothesized.

Today Juventus is called to rebuild. The basis is good. From the names that run, the focus will be on (elderly) zero parameters of technical quality and experience: Di Maria, probably Perisic, the prodigal son Paul Pogba, Acerbi, maybe Milinkovic Savic if Lotito will lower the requests. Gabriel would be a nice catch. But who will replace Dybala? Who Morata that he will not be redeemed? Two months of transfer market, will start the unblocking of the most amazing plots. My friend Bonan will be a farmer (with a hat at the “Novecento”) in the farmhouse, Crisciello and his team will cover every minute of the day, Mediaset will focus on the midsummer “scoop”, Rai will administer the news with caution. As long as the war in Ukraine continues, the only (quarrelsome) sports bar authorized on Viale Mazzini is Bianca Berlinguer’s.

So after having said that Juve would have “rejuvenated” and would have lowered the amount of wages, the road that Agnelli seems to want to take is different. The fate of the Miretti (also well against Lazio) of the Fagioli, of the Ranocchia, of the Rovella, of the Gatti, of the Dragusin is unknown: at Continassa the identity card is an impediment. Had Juve taken him, to say, a Tonali, today he would probably be on loan in some club, not to play for the Scudetto.

From how things are going, no changes are announced at the top of Juve. The future will be today: with zero parameters. An accident insurance policy is recommended. At a certain age, in athletes, they are common.


Will the game come? I do not know. For now, wishing the Under 23 and the Primavera all luck, the only team that really got me this season is the women’s team. They play soccer, not like someone I know, “ball”. Maybe after the Scudetto they will also be able to bring home the Italian Cup. And if they do not succeed, equally well: the undersigned “customer”, as regards Gama and his companions, declares himself extremely satisfied.

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