125: Electric 125 for drivers to save fuel

2022 is the right time to rethink your own mobility. Putin’s war in Ukraine has caused fuel prices to soar to previously unimaginable heights. And at some point every driver and biker will have to do their part to protect the climate.
AUTO BILD MOTORRAD has a suggestion for everyone who doesn’t have the guts to switch to an electric car straight away: The following eight electric two-wheelers don’t need any fuel. And they fall in the 125 class and are therefore allowed to be driven with the B196 driver’s license.

Every two-wheeler needs these things


The BMW should come 130 kilometers far

The Bavarians put the range at 130 kilometers, and the sprint from 0 to 50 things takes 2.6 seconds. The CE 04 needs 65 minutes to recharge 80 percent of the battery on the quick charger. BMW states a power consumption of 7.7 kWh per 100 km. Top: 120 km/h. Price: from 11,990 euros.

Cake Ösa Flex +

If you like minimalism, Cake should be the right choice for you. The Ösa Flex+ goes straight through as a design statement.

The Cake Ösa Flex+ model comes with 13.6 hp and costs just under 10,000 euros. The range of the Swedish design piece is given as 100 kilometers. The battery can be removed for charging. In addition, the manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories and various options for a wide variety of transport tasks.



On eRockit you have to pedal like on a bicycle. It takes getting used to, but it’s fun.

It briefly drives the rear wheel with up to 21.7 hp and makes eRockit suitable for expressways. However, the continuous output is “only” 5 kW (6.8 hp). This means that eRockit can be driven with the B196 driver’s license. The driving pleasure is high, but unfortunately so is the price: It starts at 11,850 euros.

Govecs e-Schwalbe

Govecs E- Schwalbe

Govecs managed to get the swallow back. The E version looks great and drives very solid.

The maximum speed is then 45 km/h. The Schwalbe 90 has 10.9 hp and runs at speeds of up to 90 km/h. At least 5590 euros must be invested for the basic model. In addition, the Munich company has other interesting e-scooter models on offer.

Horwin CR6/Pro

The performance of the sister CR 6 Pro is specified by the manufacturer as 13.7 hp. It should have a range of 142 kilometers and a maximum speed of 110 km/h. Special feature: Horwin has given the Pro version a five-speed gearbox typical of motorcycles. The remarkable torque of 360 Nm is available at the rear wheel. Prices start at 5990 euros for the CR 6.

RGNT No.1 Classic

Regent NO.1

who the no. 1 by RGNT from Sweden as an electric bike, you have to look at least twice.

There is also a steel chassis, telescopic forks and double shock absorbers, 18-inch spoked wheels and disc brakes on both wheels, with braking energy being recovered at the rear. The battery sits in the middle instead of the motor. An element of modernity is the touchscreen cockpit, which also provides navigation information. Regent calls the price 12,495 euros.

Seat Mo Escooter 125

Seat Mo 125
VW subsidiary Seat is the first major automaker to sell an e-scooter. Name: Mo EScooter 125.

Three driving modes and a reverse gear for maneuvering are standard, ABS can be ordered as an option. The weight is 152 kilos, which is pretty high for a scooter. Super: Two helmets fit under the seat, and the battery can be taken into the apartment to be charged. At least 6700 euros must be invested.

Gogoro Supersport

The Gogoro scooter can be programmed in many ways

The upcoming Gogoro Supersport has a maximum of 7.6 kW and wants to impress with a completely new vehicle control system. Gogoro Ssmartcore is something like the brain of the Supersport and combines engine control, battery management, ABS, cruise control, traction control and the LTE interface for the smartphone. This should make the supersport programmable in many ways. Two replacement batteries should be good for up to 170 kilometers. Gogoro has not yet mentioned prices.

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