10 years Schillerallee: On the first day, “Unter uns” star Timothy Boldt almost fainted


Timothy Boldt (plays Ringo Huber) has joined “Between us” played into the hearts of the fans. He even remembers his first day 10 years ago very well – because he almost passed out! You can see what his first scene looked like back then in the video above.

Ringo and Easy – love with obstacles

This love between Ringo and Easy is very special.

© UU episode 6245, RTL / Stefan Behrens

On May 22, 2012, the Hamburg actor stood in front of the camera for the first time in episode 4421 (broadcast August 24, 2012) in the Cologne studios. He still remembers his first day of shooting well: “Today I have to smile when I think back to how excited I was. I almost fainted in the first rehearsal – I haven’t told anyone that to this day!”

Charming, attractive, intelligent, a bit aloof, but willing to go to extremes for his loved ones. Especially when it comes to his Ehemann Easy (Lars Steinhöfel) and their son Julius (Paul Eilert). Whether he is looking for his missing husband in the desert or whether he is helping him to escape a lawsuit: the two are inseparable. But at the first meeting it looked completely different, because Easy and Ringo couldn’t stand each other. After he easily pinched his then-girlfriend Suji Wagner (Laura Maria Heid). and a few fights later, one of the most beautiful love stories on German television developed.

Timothy reveals his favorite scenes from 10 years

Timothy Boldt on his first press photos.  Many years have passed since then.

Timothy Boldt on his first press photos. Many years have passed since then.

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

“Ringo’s coming out was probably the biggest challenge for me as an actor in the ten years of ‘Unter Uns’. But the feedback I’ve received to this day shows me that it’s a small but important contribution that we’re making “, says Timothy. There are many beautiful scenes that he remembers: “The absolute highlight was of course the Ringsy wedding for the anniversary of the series. But it is the sum of many small moments that makes this time so special. And my colleagues in front of and behind the camera are responsible for that. At this point I would like to say to them from the bottom of my heart: Thank you, those were ten fulfilling years for me!”

More video highlights from “Unter Uns” can be found here:

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