10 Celebrity Fathers That Have Really Talented Sons

The offspring of well-known guardians are fortunate: they were brought into the world with a pass to high society. Yet additionally, their lives can be somewhat hard. Consider it, a great many inquisitive eyes are watching these children and seeing each error they make. However, individuals from this article were valiant when they picked innovative callings and presently, they need to get through endless correlations with their dads.

Brilliant Side was enlivened by the examples of overcoming adversity of these young fellows who figured out how to secure the positions they like. They are not only the children of renowned vocalists and authors, they are independent imaginative characters.

1. Val Kilmer and Jack Kilmer

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The child of perhaps the most brilliant entertainer of the ’90s, Val Kilmer, is Jack Kilmer. This young fellow chose to emulate his dad’s example and he is effectively doing films. He has showed up in excess of 20 movies up to this point and he has additionally been a model.

2. Nicolas Cage and Weston Cage

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Weston Cage is the more seasoned child of Nicholas Cage. This youngster attempted to begin an acting vocation, yet he hasn’t played any enormous parts yet. In any case, Weston is a capable artist. He was in the dark metal band called Eyes of Noctum and has recorded a few soundtracks for Hollywood movies.


3. Jack Nicholson and Ray Nicholson

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Beam acquired the appearance, the ability, and the magnetism of his dad. This youngster has proactively begun to show up in films and furthermore guides them. In spite of his young age, he picks his jobs shrewdly — every one of the movies he has been in have been widely praised.

4. Robert Downey Jr. and Indio Falconer Downey

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The more established child of Robert Downey Jr. has showed up in the film only once, in his experience growing up when he was 9. Indio is essential for the effective band The Dose that he coordinated along with his companion. This young fellow is completely centered around his music profession and he has no designs to show up in films.

5. David Beckham and Brooklyn Beckham

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Brooklyn Beckham didn’t pick a vocation in sports like his dad or the stage like his mom. This youngster picked his way and turned into an expert photographic artist. Beneath, you can see one of the photographs that Brooklyn Beckham took.


6. Jackie Chan and Jaycee Chan

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Jaycee Chan was brought into the world in Los Angeles and at 20 years old, he left the US and moved to Hong Kong. There, he’s figured out how to turn into a famous entertainer and artist.

7. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kristopher Van Varenberg

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It appears to be that Kris had very little choices with regards to his future calling. His dad is an entertainer and his mom is a muscle head. This youngster has been concentrating on hand to hand fighting since he was a kid and he has likewise been acting. Other than that, Kristopher produces his dad’s movies and composes scripts.

8. Tom Cruise and Connor Cruise

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The adopted child of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Connor, has appeared in films a couple of times, but he chose to become a DJ. He performs in night clubs and he has become pretty famous among the fans of electronic music. This young man loves fishing and he often shares the results of his fishing trips with his fans.


9. Denzel Washington and John David Washington

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John David Washington is an effective football player, yet a physical issue shut down his vocation in sports and that is the point at which he chose to star in motion pictures. John David has won a few major film grants for acting in TV series and movies.

10. Gary Busey and Jake Busey

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During the ’90s, Gary Busey depicted charming bad guys, so watchers loved him. His child, Jake is a carbon copy of his dad. He additionally turned into an entertainer and he looks very great as a reprobate. Jake showed up in the super-famous show Stranger Things.

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